Soil-body-filtering system

Soil-body-filtering systems are full-biological sewage plants complying with DIN EN 12566-3. We construct soil-body-filtering systems in sizes ranging from 4 residents (single-family house) up to 50 residents. Depending on the existing slope they can be operated power free. To date they have been installed over 9000 times. Without exchanging a single part, the oldest systems in Bavaria continue working properly even after 20 years.
The system consists of three shafts:

Three-chamber pit
Soil-body-filter shaft
Sampling shaft

Mode of operation:
Registered intestinal bacteria colonize the soil-body-filtering cups and when supplied with fresh air, take care of the decomposition of waste water pollutants. The proper function is particularly achieved through free air flow from the sampling shaft and respectively the drain point through the soil-body-filtering cups.

The sampling shaft can be omitted if the drain off leads to a less than 10 meter distant open trench. If the waste water has to be pumped up, the sampling shaft can also be constructed as pump shaft (hopper). It can also be constructed as a drainage shaft.